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6 Secrets To Keep Your Child Healthy And Strong

A healthy child is a happy child! To keep your child healthy and strong you need to first avoid exposing them to dangers and illness. Make sure they are physically and mentally active. Monitor their eating habits, take them to outdoor activities and communicate with them openly and on a regular basis. These 5 secrets to keep your kid happy and healthy works 100%.

Establish a sleeping schedule

Your child should get around 10 hours sleep (depending on age) every night. Stick carefully to their sleeping routine. A good sleep allows your child’s body to recover quickly from illness and also helps to fight off potential infections. Not only it boosts metabolism but calms your child’s emotions and keep them relax as well.

Encourage a healthy diet

Fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole-grain products, are best for your child. Go for fresh, products whenever you can. Avoid using tin packed foods. Teach your child to prepare cereals for themselves. Take them with you for grocery shopping and teach them about product expiry.

  • Make food more interesting like pizzas or burgers with their own selected toppings.
  •  If your child refuses to eat fruits or veggies, keep offering them in different forms.

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Encourage your child to drink more water

A child should drink water that corresponds to their age. A 4 year old child should drink 8 oz. of water per day. A child’s brain is composed of 80 percent water. Deficiency of water could affect their optimal cognitive development. Also, don’t ignore your child urine; if it is yellowish; grab a glass of water to them.

Encourage physical activity

Head outside with your child for a few hours. Build up their interest in different outdoor games. Soaking your child in the sunshine can boost the level of vitamin D which keeps their bones healthy and strong.

Keep junk foods away

Junk foods aren’t for your child. Also keep them away from oily food. It is better to feed your child with fresh fruits and veggies

Keep hands clean

Hygiene is very important for your child’s growth. Encourage them to regularly wash their hands and using hand sanitizer after every playdate and before they start eating. Teach them that dirty hands can be the biggest cause of their illness. Even a fresh food could harm if hands aren’t properly washed.